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Introduction to Trainer Calibration

The Student Logbook contains a record of all the competency assessments, which the student has successfully completed, together with the performance descriptors. Students have a series of clinical “competency tasks” to complete to a required standard and it is the responsibility of the trainer to supervise the student therapist, assess these competency tasks and to jointly be responsible with the student for maintaining the logbook record.

Practice-based training is an important part of a student's orthodontic therapy programme. Training must be overseen by a Specialist Orthodontist but a whole team approach must be taken to training and therefore other members of the clinical team may be involved. It is vital that any practitioner who will be involved in the training of a student orthodontic therapist undertakes the University of Warwick calibration training.

We have developed an online calibration training exercise which can be accessed by clicking Next Page in the bottom left hand of this page. You will be shown a series of images which you are required to grade as per the grading structure below. There will be more detailed grade desciptors at the top of each page. It will take you approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and you can opt to receive an email receipt of completion when finished.

Score of 1-4 with 4 being the highest mark

Score of 3 is the minimum acceptable standard

  • 4. Good pass. Very clear, structured records, signed and dated, in which all the relevant information is easy to find
  • 3. Pass. Structured, signed and dated; legible, clear and comprehensible with no important omissions
  • 2. Fail. Poor records; might be poorly structured not adequately legibile or comprehensible, and missing some important details
  • 1. Poor Fail. Very poor, incomplete records; might be unsystematic, illegible, not comprehensive and missing important detail.

Click Next Page in the bottom right hand of this page to start the training.