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Biomedical Sciences and Oral Biology

The Biomedical Sciences and Oral Biology module allows you to gain core knowledge in:

  • Biomedical sciences and oral biology
  • Human disease
  • Medical emergencies
  • Health and safety
  • Law, ethics and professionalism

Module content

This module consists of five sections:

  • Biomedical Sciences and Oral Biology
    • Biomedical sciences and oral physiology
    • General anatomy, physiology and biochemistry relevant to orthodontics
    • Craniofacial, oral and dental anatomy eruption
  • Law, Ethics, and Professionalism
    • Data protection confidentiality record keeping consent complaints
    • Function of GDC legal and ethical obligations of registered members of the dental team CPD
  • Human Disease
    • Medical conditions which may have an effect on the provision of orthodontic treatment
    • Sterilisation, disinfection and antisepsis
  • Health and Safety
    • Health and Safety COSHH Cross Infection Control in surgery and the laboratory
  • Medical Emergencies
    • Recognition of medical emergencies Basic Life Support, CPR and First Aid

Key Facts


Siobhan Flood / Katie Robertson

Tel: 024 76150674

Course type: Module

Course Leader: Dr Liz Hopkins

Credits: 12

Module Code: MD924

Assessment: 90 minute written paper.

10 minute resuscitation procedure


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Core module: Orthodontic Therapy(Diploma)

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