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Psycho-social Management of Children and Young People with Diabetes

This postgraduate level module will enable you to critically explore and analyse the key theoretical and clinical issues in the psycho-social management of children and young people with diabetes. Speakers on the module include experts in psycho-social management of diabetes, child development including special needs, child education and communication, child advocacy and mental health in diabetes.

The course is taught at The University of Warwick and consists of pre-course work, four days attendance and assessment.

This module covers many aspects of psycho-social management of children and young people with diabetes including:

  • Impact of a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes
  • How children and families adapt to life with a chronic illness
  • Helping young people to learn in clinic and beyond
  • Approaches to the management of maladaptive responses
  • Making a referral to Children's and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Working with children with special educational needs
  • Introduction to depression
  • The impact of ethnicity, culture and religion
  • Dealing with discrimination

NICE Guidance

The course ensures healthcare professionals understand their obligations under the NICE guidelines and the new paediatric tariff, and how to meet these when delivering healthcare to this target group of vulnerable individuals.

"Children and young people with type 1 diabetes and their families should be offered timely and ongoing access to mental health professionals because they may experience psychological disturbances (such as anxiety, depression, behavioural and conduct disorders and family conflict) that can impact on the management of diabetes and well-being."

(NICE guidance CG015 Type 1 diabetes: diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes in children, young people and adults

Other options:

Induction module

Before completing the course, you will undertake our Induction and Professional Development module, introducing you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study.

Key Facts

Siobhan Flood


Tel: 02476 523994

Leader: Krystyna Matyka

Duration: 4 days

Assessment: 2 written assignments of 2,000 words due 8 weeks following the taught sessions

CATS: 20

Code: MD983

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Application Deadline- 21/12/2018

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