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Other Forms of Diabetes: From Genetics to Obesity

This module concentrates on Type 2 diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY), rare genetic forms of diabetes and diabetes secondary to other conditions such as cystic fibrosis and during cancer therapy

  • Intended for health professionals involved with the care of children or adolescents with diabetes
  • Taught as an intensive study block, comprising lectures, group work and supervision
  • The teaching and learning style is interactive, drawing on both the expert teachers and the experience of other students

Other options:

  • MSc route: available as an option on MSc in Diabetes programme
  • Not sure an MSc is for you? Take this module as a Postgraduate Award. Contact us for more information
Induction module

Before completing the course, you will undertake our Induction and Professional Development module, introducing you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study.

Key Facts


Siobhan Flood



James Greening and Catherine Peters

4 days

4,000 word essay

CATS: 20

Code: MH906

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Application Deadline: 14/01/2019

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