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Clinical Trials Unit projects

The postgraduate research opportunities we currently have available in our Clinical Trials Unit are listed below.

Please see below the list of available projects applicants can apply for in the division of Warwick Clinical Trials Unit at Warwick Medical School.

Estimation of Public Preferences over Alternative Wellbeing States to Allow Calculation of Wellbeing-Adjusted Life Years (WALYs)

Applicants must select their project of interest and apply online selecting one of the following course codes:

MPhil/PhD in Health Sciences (RMDA-B91P)

MPhil/PhD in Nursing (RASS-B718)

MPhil/PhD in Clinical Education (RMDA-B91F)

MD in Medicine (RMDA-A33P)

MSc by Research in Health Sciences (RMDA-B92P)

*PhD by Published Work (RMDA-B91P)

Please ensure that you specify the name of the project and supervisor within your application.

*Please note that applicants apply for the PhD by Published Work do not have to specify a project but must identify a mentor from the approved list of supervisors.

Applicants may also wish to peruse our funding opportunities.