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Research Degree Supervisors

It maybe useful to contact a potential supervisor before applying for a research degree. This will help you determine the most suitable supervisor for your particular research interests and to clearly define your proposed research topic. There are various ways to do this.

Also take a look at

  • All students have a team of 2 or more supervisors
  • You will meet with your supervisory team regularly to receive support and advice
  • You will be encouraged to participate in the wide range of training opportunities provided by the University
  • The School works in close collaboration with a number of departments within the University, offering you access to supervisors with different expertise
  • Location of study: WMS (Gibbet Hill), University of Warwick (main campus), or other trusts, institutions or places deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

Still not sure?

If you are not sure who to contact or would like more information please email the Research Degrees Officer, Samantha Plumb: