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Work Experience Verification (2022 Entry)

Once you have completed the work experience survey all applicants are required to provide verification of their work experience placements. This must include written evidence of the number of hours, dates and your role. Verification of work experience must be on the official letter headed paper of the organisation that you worked for. You can upload your work experience evidence using this form. If you do not already hold verification letters we recommend that you request these now.

All work experience references should be submitted via this form, paper references or those received by email may not be considered. If the person writing the reference wants to submit directly to us please ask them to complete this form.

For anyone who has completed online (e.g. BSMS course) or COVID-19 related work experience such as GoodSAM if you are not able to get a letter to verify your experience please upload an appointment to the role email and evidence such as a screenshot of hours worked.

Any verification received after the 15th November deadline may not be considered.

Applicant Details
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Please include your Family Name and Warwick ID in the filename of each attachment i.e. 2210101_Brown_Reference.pdf Please note that we are only able to accept documents with the following file extensions: .doc .pdf .jpg .gif .tif .bmp .txt

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