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Malawi Elective video

Professor Peter Winstanley's Malawi Elective

WMV video [Most Windows PCs and Laptops] - 44,346 KB

MP4 video [Macs, or PCs with Windows 7 or Quicktime] - 117, 482 KB

Click on one of the links above to play the video.

If the video fails to play try the other file format. If you still have problems you may need to download free media player software.

WMV format - If you are prompted to install Media Player go ahead (not on NHS PC's though). Those using a Mac will need to download Windows Media Player for Mac.

MP4 format - requires the QuickTime or iTunes player. Both are freely available for Mac and PC.

Do not install software on NHS computers, if you have problems viewing the file at a particular NHS site please email