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Baseline Survey

Map of Medicine Initial baseline survey

Thank you for signing up to participate in the evaluation of the Map of Medicine.

This survey form helps us to understand a little more about you, your study/work patterns and your use of IT and the Internet.

Information you give us using this form will be strictly anonymous.

About your study
How much time in a week on hospital rotation?
How much time do you spend studying?
How much time do you spend with colleagues in course-related chat or discussion?

About your computer use
Do you own a desktop or laptop computer?
Do you have access to a computer that you can use as often as you require?
Please indicate which of the following statements most closely describes your confidence with computer use:
Would you describe yourself as confident with searching the internet?
Do you currently use either a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or a tablet computer?
Do you own it?
Do you have any medically related tools on it?
Do you take notes on it?

About the Map of Medicine
Had you seen or heard about the Map of Medicine before the introductory events at the CSB in November?
Have you ever used the Map of Medicine?
Please complete these statements about the Map of Medicine, as you start out on this study:
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