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On this page you will find a basic template designed to help you to begin integrating the knowledge you acquire from different sources. The core curriculum at WMS has been structured by systems-based modules, yet you are assessed on your ability to integrate knowledge from across the curriculum. The core content of the curriculum can be defined as:

‘The knowledge, skills and abilities required by a competent newly qualified doctor’  


Although you will find your own preferred method for developing integrative skills, on the right are two examples (addiction and back pain) of one method that may facilitate this process. The method is based on a clinical condition, for which the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities have been outlined within a matrix showing the contribution of the various disciplines in your studies to core features of competence. This method helps to clarify how both the vertical and horizontal integration of the curriculum has been achieved. The examples serve as an orientation to integrated learning, they DO NOT provide a definitive set of answers, they merely sketch out the general territory that you will cover and on which you should build.

Supported Topics

You are required to complete an integration template for a topic of your choice, and to present that template to the members of your tutor group. You are free to choose a topic of your choice. However, the list of 'supported topics' are those for which an integration template has already been completed by staff on the health psychology module and, therefore, are the topics for which tutors will be able to offer greatest support. The supported topics were selected so as to cover a wide range of conditions and systems / modules as possible. The completed integration templates for all supported topics selected by students will be made available for revision purposes to all groups who complete a template during the module.

Supplementary Reading

Arthritis End-Stage Renal Disease IBS in Adults
Asthma Essential Hypertension Psychoneuroimmunology
Cancer Patients Genetic Testing Obesity
Chronic Pain Headache - Recurrent Organ Transplant Patients
Coronary Heart Disease HIV/AIDS Prevention Somatoform Disorders


IBD and Peptic Ulcer

Women's Reproductive Health


Back Pain
Blank Template

Supported Topics

Affective disorders
Back pain
Breast cancer
Chest pain - acute
Diabetes mellitus
IBD / Crohn's
Peptic ulcer
Terminal care