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There will be three tutorials during the module - one at the end of each of the first three blocks, i.e. weeks 3, 6 and 9. Tutorials provide an opportunity to explore and discuss in greater depth the issues raised in lectures, and they offer a context in which to consolidate and intergrate your learning. As tutorials are meant to foster student-centred learning, tutors will not engage in any 'formal' type of teaching - they are there to facilitate the sessions and guide the learning experience. The success of tutorials depends on your ability to engage in module/group activities, reflective thought and participatory problem solving.

Tutorial tasks

Each tutorial will be student-led. Within your tutor groups, you will organise yourselves into groups of 4-5 students. For each tutorial, each mini-group will provide a brief presentation consisting of two components: (i) an integration exercise, and (ii) a formative question.

For each tutorial task, the ‘psychology’ content should be limited to information that has been covered in the module - not information that will, or that you believe should, be covered. The purpose of this restriction is to focus your enagagement with module material so as to enable you to identify and extract key assessment-related issues from the session topics.

Integration exercise: You will select a clinical condition and identify from module material covered to-date the psychological issues relevant to the condition. The developing template will be presented to the remainder of your tutor group for critique and evaluation. The integration task has been designed to help you to begin integrating the knowledge you acquire from different sources. Specifically, the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities relevant to any clinical condition can be outlined within the integration template, thus showing the contribution of the various disciplines to core features of competence. Examples of completed integration templates, as well as blank templates, can be downloaded from the module webpage, which also provides additional advice and supporting material -

Formative question writing: You will develop formative questions (1 per group per tutorial) to be presented to, and completed by, the remainder of your tutor group. A question writing template, including completion instructions, can be downloaded from the module webpage - This task provides an implicit learning opportunity. That is, engaging in the task of writing questions will help you to not only identify the key issues within the module, but also to understand how questions are formulated in relation to assessing relevant knowledge, or competence more generally.


Each tutorial will involve a brief presentation (10 minutes) by each mini-group (4-5 students). The presentation will consist of a condition-specific integration template and a related formative question, with opportunity (5 minutes) for constructive, peer-led feedback and discussion.