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Attendance requirements

Information on attendance requirements based on the MBChB attendance policy

Attendance is viewed by the university and the GMC as a measure of engagement with the course.

The University guidance can be found here and states "Typically, all taught sessions, whether provided in-person or online, are compulsory"

The General Medical Council (GMC) regulates all UK medical degree courses and requires us to monitor attendance and engagement as outlined hereLink opens in a new window

The Public expect it: who wants a doctor that only attended 50% of medical school?

Attendance flow chart

    Do you know in advance you will be absent?    
    down left arrow   down right arrow    
   Yes       No  
   down arrow       down arrow  
  Will the planned absence take you below 80% attendance?        Complete an absence form ASAP Inform School Office  
   down arrow down right arrow      down arrow arrow up left 
   Yes   No   Are you sick for more than 3 days? No 
   down arrow   down arrow   down arrow  
  Discuss with Academic Phase Lead/DST  Are you giving 6 weeks notice? Yes  
   arrow up left down left arrow  down arrow   down left arrowdown right arrow  
   No    Yes   3 - 7 days self-certificate, over 7 days doctors fit note   
       down arrow      
     complete absence form plan for covering lost teaching inform clinical placement academic and admin lead