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INSPIRE began in 2012, with £1 million in funding from the Wellcome Trust. The scheme has been open to all medical schools since its induction and all dental and veterinary schools since 2016. In this time, 89 small grants were awarded and a further nine special project grants. The grants, previously of up to £10,000, over 1-2 years were awarded in four rounds, reaching 31 schools in the first round in December 2012, 22 schools in December 2014, 8 in 2016 and 28 schools in October 2018. The nine special project grants were awarded in June 2014.


Schools have flexibility in how they use funds and, as a result, variation exists between the schools from developing events with broad engagement to supporting research projects for individual students. Many schools have chosen to collaborate on projects regionally with all schools delivering activities that have been designed and delivered with the input of students.


  • Inspire medical, dental and veterinary undergraduates to consider a research career.
  • Stimulate schools to design and implement local, innovative approaches to building student interest in research.
  • Encourage student involvement: the experiences and needs of local students should inform the development of the local INSPIRE programme.
  • Promote high quality, collaborative partnerships between members of faculty and students, and between schools and other local/regional/national organisations.
  • Strengthen local, regional and national student research networks, sharing experiences and resources.
  • Foster a research culture in all clinicians entering the NHS, not just those with an interest in pursuing a career in academic medicine.
  • Likewise, INSPIRE aims to foster a research culture in dentists and vets across the country.


Warwick Medical School and Swansea Medical School have been awarded funding for the next 2 year (2020-22) to deliver the following activities:

  • Summer Studentships
  • International Research Exchange
  • Public Engagement Showcase Event
  • Annual Conference
  • Publishing Conference Proceedings on-line
  • Joining the INSPIRE Student Journal
  • Create Research Dissemination bursaries


news HURRY !

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS ! Deadline for submissions 6th September 2020

INSPIRE National Graduate Entry Research in Medicine Virtual Conference 2020

12th - 18th October 2020 (via Microsoft Teams)

For more information and access to submission form go to 

2020 National Academic Foundation Programme Conference,
University of Bristol, 7th May 2020

Programme; Speakers

INSPIRE National Intercalators' Research Conference,

University of Exeter, 29th February 2020



Warwick Medical School
Academic Lead FP Cappuccio
Programme Director E Reid

Senior Careers


C Cunningham
Student President J-P Laake
Treasurer/Bursary M Sahir
Year 3 Reps

A McGrath

A Gadie

Year 1 Reps

R Isth

F Andrews

Swansea Medical School
Academic Lead IM Khan
Academic Support SL Edwards
Student Lead JM Clayton

Useful links

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