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Applications and Deaneries Information 2005/06

Application System Has Now CHANGED and it is called the MTAS.

These pages contain information relevant to the Foundation Programmes and the process of applying for Foundation Programmes through MDAP and Non-MDAP routes.

The application process for Foundation Programmes varies depending on whether your desired programme is being offered by a deanery who use the online Multi-Deanery Application Process or the individual deanery process (Non-MDAP).

Application process information

  • Links to MDAP and West Midlands Deanery
  • Example application form - This example is based on sample questions and answers published for their by another deanery. It offers a useful insight into the style of the questions and gives examples which would be considered for their content as being high scoring.

The answers on this form are intended as a guide only and should not be taken to be definitive examples of high scoring answers. The questions and answers can be downloaded by clicking this link: Foundation Year Programme example application form


Slides of Foundation Information Presentations
  • Preliminary Foundation Information Evening to Third years (January 2006)

The information in the talk is intended a a rough guide to the process recently undertaken by the 2002 cohort. It is important to note that the information regarding the application process is subject to change and you should research the relevant deanery webpages and MMC for further information. Slides used in the talk can be accessed by following thisl link: Foundation Preliminary Evening for 3rd Years 

  • Presentation for fourth year students (Novemeber 2005)

This presentation evening was given to fourth year students shortly before the closure of the MDAP application process. It contained presentations from a career advisor from Warwick University and a Consultant Surgeon who is also the lead for Coventry & Warwickshire Foundation School.


The event was conceived and organised by Stephanie Triance and Patrick Daly. Please note that at the moment the information on this site is targeted, and most relevant to, Final Years and Third Years. As the site develops there will be more relevant information for all years of the course.