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Final Years Careers Evening 11th of October

This event included talks on MTAS, Foundation Years 1&2, Training in the West Midlands, MMC and the new Specialist Training programmes, Flexible Training and Training Abroad.

We would like to thank our guest speakers, Mr Higgman and Dr. Goodyear, for their excellent contribution, as well Witty Sandle (our own careers advisor) and Naomi Tyrrel (our own BMA rep for 2005/06) for their talks and precious help.

At the end of the evening, the students also had the chance to meet current F1 doctors to talk about their experiences over (posh!) cheese and wine!

The evening was kindly funded by the MPS, the BMA and the Warwick Medical School Development and Alumni Office-THANK YOU!

The feedback was very rewarding (and also constructive), and we will take it on board :-)

Also, news with regards to specialist training, since things have changed since our event :

You can now apply to either:

2 deaneries, 2 specialties

4 deaneries, 1 specialty

4 specialties, 1 deanery

Thank you all for a very costructive and (eventually) enjoyable experience!

The final year Careers Group Reps:

Theodora (Chair) and Vic (Secretary)