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The Training Structure (Foundation Programme)

Rough Guide to the Foundation Programme

The Rough Guide to the Foundation Programme is a publication by MMC that provides information targetted mainly at actual Foundation Year doctors as it provides details of aspects of the programme.

An over view of the contents are that it details the process of How do you get into the Foundation Programme? and information to help Before you start.

More specific information is given regarding Foundation year one (F1): Induction, Placements, Your study time, Assessment, Foundation Learning Portfolio & Becoming a fully registered doctor and also for Foundation year two (F2): Placements, Study leave, Assessment & Foundation Learning Portfolio.

More generic information is given regarding Life after foundation training, Careers advice, and a What else? section covering aspects of training including Flexibility, Location, Trainees in difficulty & Who’s who?

To down load an electronic copy of this document please follow the following link:

Information on what is expected of an F1 and F2

Content will be added here shortly


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Foundation Years

Common queries and answers can be found in this section of the MMC website and provides answers on the topics of Foundation training, F2 pilot trainees, Selection into specialist/GP training, Existing SHOs and the transition period & all specialty trainees

Career Event: Presentation by current F1 doctors. March 6th 2006.

This event was organised following feedback from a previous event where a significant proportion of students said that they would like to hear from current F1 doctors about working life, 'The first day', assessment and career structure.

Five F1 doctors graciously gave their time to speak to the 2002 cohort. The doctors involved were Mike Pierides, Enrique Collantes Celador, Gerry Browne, Ryu Tofts & Danny Gaynor.

Presentations and information focussed on future training structure in specialisms such as surgery and academic medicine, Post Graduate courses and higher degrees, GP training & prospects, 'First Day' experiences and other stories about their experiences so far as new doctors.

A copy of the presentation given by Mike Pierides can be viewed here. (link to follow)

The presentation given By Enrique Colantes Celador can be viewed here. (link to follow)

Pictures from the event will be posted soon


The event was co-ordinated and presented by 4th Year career Representatives Elena Karampini and Isabel Costello.