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Warwick Medical School - General Practice Society


Hello !!

The WMS General Practice Society was founded a few years ago and has run many successful events. The society is open to all current students who have an interest in general practice and we hope to create an enjoyable and useful experience for all involved.

We aim to:

  • Organise events which allow you to learn about topics not extensively covered in our course in a bit more detail, whilst also (hopefully!!) making them fun! e.g. ENT clinical skills, dermatology, etc.
  • Offer opportunities to get work published and take on audits, all of which will be invaluable in gaining an advantage when it comes to applying for your foundation year training.
  • Encourage attendence at the RCGP annual conference (and hopefully providing financial assistance to get there).
  • Run events where you can meet and chat with current trainees and qualified GPs to see what this career holds for you.
  • Provide refreshments (wine!) and nibbles at all our events....

The poster below was 'borrowed' from an association of London GPs and it's a nice counterbalance to all the negative media that has been surrouding GPs recently. GPs really are the cornerstone of the NHS and it's an incredibly versatile career that can lead to all kinds of unique roles that you simply wouldn't get in hospital medicine.

General Practice cares about you

If you would like to join the society feel free to email one of the committee at You can also find us on Facebook.

We look forward to meeting you,

GP Soc Committee 2019-20