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Intra-School Committee (ISC)

Latest News: Committee handover pending. . .


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What is the ISC?

The ISC committee is a BMA initiative which comprises representatives from all over the medical school and the university; including members of societies, the Students' Union and the faculty. Its purpose is to provide an integrated forum for the many committees and to disseminate information that concerns all students to all students. It also enables larger issues that are important to you to be made known at national level, through your BMA Medical Schools Committee (MSC) Rep. In addition, ISC Representatives may become involved in projects aimed at improving the experiences of students at the Medical School.


What is the aim of the ISC?

To improve communication and cooperation between all medical students at Warwick (not just BMA members) and provide a forum for discussing issues affecting students, improve awareness of resources available to them, and to help students in any venture they attempt by drawing on the combined experience of committee members.