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Current ISC Issues

Please feel free to view our minutes to see all the issues we've been discussing but here's an overview.


Parking at UHCW

UHCW has agreed to fund, for one year, 30 car park permits for the use of WMS students, on the grounds of safety. Details of this can be found here.

We are also working to make it easier to get to UHCW by means other than driving, although we acknowledge that this task is likely to be difficult. We are currently running a survey on the issue of student travel to UHCW and possibilities for alternative methods, which can be found here.

As progress is made, the student body will be kept informed.


Elective Information

We are establishing a database of short summaries of electives from students. We hope that this will be useful in helping students to plan and prepare their electives. Information abotu this can be found in the link to the left of this page.


Communication within WMS

We are working on improving communications on both curriculum-specific and general issues between the Medical School staff and the student body. We have formed a Communication Focus Group to discuss how we feel communication can be improved and have produced a preliminary report which has been sent to the Deans. Updates will follow.


Peer Mentoring

Tom Sapsford (2005 cohort) has established an ESA mentoring scheme for the 2006 cohort, and delivered by volunteers from the 2005 cohort, in response to the receommendations of the Significant Events Review of 2006. The ISC hopes to further peer mentoring at WMS - more updates to follow.

Claire Wallace and Hannah Potter (2005 cohort) have also established clinical skills mentoring.


Phase 1 QE Results 2006

WMS has conducted a Significant Events Review to investigate the recent Phase 1 examinations. Information can be found here .


Student Welfare

Seb Morton (ISC Representative for Year 3) is taking on the role of Welfare Representative for WMS and is working to improve knowledge and awareness of welfare provision at WMS. Please check out our Welfare sub-page to the left of this page.

We also aim to establish a number of peer support groups aimed at improving welfare services at WMS.