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Planning your elective

Warwick students have writen a short summary of their elective placements with a few good and bad points they encountered along the way. Where an email address is included the student has given their permission for you to contact them for a bit more information. You can also get electives info on other websites including the electives network site and the Medical school's page.

Click on the links below to view the summaries. Good luck!!!

Barabados, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Ophthalmology 

Belize, Western Regional Hospital

Canada, B.C. Ski/Mountain Medicine 

England, Myton Hospice

England, Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Kenya, Kilifi  

Malawi, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre 

Mauritius, SSRN

New Zealand, Auckland Hospital

New Zealand, Nelson 

South Africa, Cape Town, Somerset Hospital

Tanzania, Moshi, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre

Tanzania, Muheza

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