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Tanzania, Muheza

Where did you do your elective?
Muheza, Tanzania. (Tuele Hospital)

In a paragraph or 2, what was good and what was bad about your elective?
Any problems?

The good
A great place to go and experience 3rd world medicine/surgery. It is a
fairly small hospital but it manages to serve about 280,000 (provides
primary health care for the town and acts as a referral centre for the 46
outlying village dispensaries and five health centres). Large numbers of
patients attend daily in the adult and Maternal and Child Health Clinics,
and you will be excepted to get stuck in from day one. There are doctor
lead clinics in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, palliative
care and paediatrics. You also get the opportunity to go on “outreach
clinics” into some of the more inaccessible villages, and see some of the
countryside at the same time.
As with the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, it’s a good place to see & learn
about the HIV epidemic, as well as malaria & TB which is also rife.
I did a week of surgery (they have a “see one, do one” policy with regards
to the simple operations), a week of O+G and the rest of the time on the
wards and in clinics. You are left to your own devices to decide on what
you want to do, and how much (but the recommend a minimum of 4 wks).
Accommodation is on site in the hospital and had just been refurbished in
march 07. Its basic but its adequate for what you need. They are well set
up for elective students, and have a long history of nursing and med
student coming from all over the uk.
It’s not very far from some of the main attractions of Tanzania (mt kili,
Serengeti, ngorogoro crater and Zanzibar)

The bad
Depending on your point of view…. there is no structured teaching. So its
up to you to sort it out if that’s what your after.
Muheza has a climate that is HOT and STICKY especially between December
and March. By the time you leave, you’ll just be getting used to it.
Its is a real Tanzanian town (i.e. no tourists ever step foot there), as a
result, there isn’t much in the way of night life once it gets past about
9pm. But its not really a problem because the other doctors/staff will be
inviting you out for dinner etc most nights.

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