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New Zealand, Auckland Hospital

Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand:

The Auckland metropolitan area or Greater Auckland, in the North Island of
New Zealand, is the largest urban area of the country. With over 1.2
million people it has over a quarter of the country's total population,
and demographic trends indicate that it will continue growing faster than
the rest of the country. Auckland also has the largest Polynesian
population of any city in the world.

The Auckland City Hospital is Auckland's main hospital and the largest
hospital in New Zealand. It is run by the Auckland District Health Board
and is located in the suburb of Grafton, east of the CBD. It has 3,500
rooms and provides a total of 710 beds.

The hospital is a research and teaching facility (closely linked to the
University of Auckland), providing training for future doctors, nurses,
midwives and other health professionals. Rare or complex medical
conditions from all over New Zealand and the South Pacific may get
referred here. The hospital is closely associated with Starship Children's
Health, which is a separate subsidiary facility on the same grounds.

Good points:
Excellent facilities, friendly staff, well organised clean efficient
wards, regular well organised formal teaching and situated right next to
the University for access to the library facilities and the like. The
staff are very laid back and extremely willing to help. I thoroughly
enjoyed it and there were little, if no, bad points in my experience.

Bad points:
Extremely popular. Most elective students need to have applied at least a
year in advance in order to ensure a place. Furthermore, do not expect to
be performing C-sections, appendicectomies or the like. Auckland city
hospital makes many of the UKs hospitals appear like developing world
hospitals in comparison. If you are looking for 'hands on' procedural
experiences do not apply here!

Placements run via Karen Dorrian who is the overseas elective student
coordinator at the University of Auckland.

Henry Seddon (