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Canada B.C.

Ski/Mountain trauma medicine in B.C. Canada.
I undertook my medical elective in the field of winter sports and mountain
medicine in British Coloumbia. I assisted with the workof the Ski Patrol
and Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT) at Sun Peaks ski resort near
Kamloops B.C. Days consisted of patroling the mountain, rescue of injured
skiers, helping out in the medical clinic, learning about mountain rescue
techinques, advanced first aid and trauma resuscitation, skiing or
snowboarding with a rescue tobogan. Also the opportunity to ride for a few
days on an Advanced Life support/Critical Care ambulance, which works out
of Kamloops and covers a large area of B.C.

Members of the EMRT are keen to develope the elective programme at Sun
Peaks. For future electives it would be good to try and involve the
University of British columbia as it is difficult to get the appropriate
clearance to undertake medical elective practicums in Canada with out
their approval. This would also possibly open up the opportunity of
possibly spending some time in the local Emergency department at Kamloops

My elective was a real pain to organise but turned out to be an excellent
experience in the end, a must for anyone interested in emergency medicine
and skiing.

Final note, start early organising electives in Canada as you can run in
to complicated issues with the Canadian High Commission and College of
Physicians/Surgeons of British Columbia.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need to know anything about
doing a similar elective.

Michael Beswick