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England, Myton Hospice

Place: Myton Hamlet Hospice, Warwick

The staff were really keen to have me there as they don't normally have
medical students. They helped me organise some learning objectives so I
could feel like I was achieving what I set out to do. Lots of exposure to
really good clinical signs, everything is quite pronounced clinically in
palliative care. Was able to get involved in all the normal history
taking and examination, as well as clinical skills such as phlebotomy. I
also spent some time with the Palliative Care Consultant at Warwick
Hospital and the MacMillan nurses there - was a good contrast to see how
Palliative Care works in hospital and community compared to the hospice.
Had a good introduction to basic symptom management and the varied drugs
they use as well as palliative care differs to "normal" medicine -
concentrating really on what I might see as a Junior doctor. Saw lots of
communication skills and received teaching from the other elements of the
hospice such as the counselling team, complementary therapists and
spiritual support. Really enjoyed my time there - was a good affordable
option, only downside was the weather!