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Belize, WRH

The Western Regional Hospital is in Belmopan. Although Belmopan is the capital of Belize there isn't much there to do as most people commute here to work from elsewhere. Having said that it is on all the major transport routes and on the weekends you can get to amazing beaches and ruins etc pretty quickly. Belmopan is a lot safer than some other parts of Belize such as Belize City and its nice to wander around. The weather in Belize is fantastic at the time of our placements and things are very cheap.

Good points:

I enjoyed my placement here, the hospital is quite busy with opportunities to suture and help in A&E, clinics are friendly and plenty to learn, Obstetrics is good here with lots of births and an obstetrician who's keen to teach and let you scrub in, theres plenty of different things to see here in terms of diseases and pathology, the hospital is keen to host electives, acomodation is ok and has cable tv and shower etc.



No formal teaching or elective program so you won't always know what you're supposed to be doing, people often have walk a long way to the hospital and don't have enough money for proper treatments/drugs, you need to be keen to get involved as no-one will nag at you to go to things (good or bad?), official language is english but lots of patients and drs speak spanish


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