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England, Sheffield

I did my elective at Sheffield children's hospital.

It was a great opportunity to get involved with paeds and see lots of
children! I decided to do paeds because we have only a relatively short
time on paeds in our final year.
It was good because the staff were very friendly and helpful, there were
plenty of opportunities to clerk in patients on a daily basis, both on
the wards and on call, and various clinics which you could attend. I
saw children with a range of conditions, both chronic and acute, and my
tutor was fairly relaxed about me doing what i needed to do, so no
portfolios but lots of hands on experience!
In addition, a real bonus was that there weren't too many other students
around, so it was easy to attach yourself to one of two of the doctors
and see what they see, rather than be in lectures or fighting to examine

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