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Medical Students Committee

MSC Representative 2009-2010: James Watson (

The Medical Students Committee provides a national forum for debate for medical student members of the BMA. It represents the views of medical students, develops policy and lobbies nationally on their behalf. The committee is comprised of a representative from each medical school in the UK and is led by the MSC Chair and three deputies. There are also three subcommittees which deal with specific issues relating to education, finance and welfare.

 As MSC rep I represent the views of Warwick students at the national committee. I work closely with the ISC as many of the issues raised there will also affect other medical schools. I regularly disseminate information to the student body in the form of the MSC newsletter to keep all students updated on the progress and work of MSC. Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues that you would like raised at MSC in the future.


Every year the MSC holds a conference where motions from all medical schools are debated and will form the basis for the following year’s work programme. This year it is to be held at York University on the 9th/10th of April. Warwick will submit motions, devised by the ISC and any other interested student, which may be debated over the course of the conference. Details of previous year's conference motions from Warwick can be found here.

The BMA Medical Students Committee annual conference is taking place on 9rd-10th April at York University. Warwick Medical School is permitted to send two delegates to Conference. Details can be found here.

If you are interested in representing Warwick, and are a BMA member, please fill in an application form (available on the right) and send it to James Watson by the end of Sunday 18th December. In the event of more than two interested students, names will be drawn randomly. This is an opportunity to get involved with shaping BMA Policy for the next year – and is a fantastic way to be introduced to medico-politics – so please consider representing Warwick!

Rep Reports

I am required to produce quarterly rep reports to update the MSC on the current issues within Warwick Medical School and the steps that are being taken to try and resolve them.

These reports can be found to the right of this page along with the MSC newsletters produced centrally by MSC to update students on the progress that is being made on issues affecting all students.

Conference Application

(Word Document) MSC Conference Application

MSC Rep Reports

(Word Document) MSC Rep Report Feb 2008

(Word Document) MSC Rep Report Nov 2007

(Word Document) MSC Rep Report May 2007

(Word Document) MSC Rep Report Feb 2007

(Word Document) MSC Rep Report Nov 2006

MSC Newsletters

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter April 2008

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter Feb 2008

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter Dec 2007

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter Oct 2007

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter Aug 2007

(PDF Document) MSC Newsletter May 2007

(Word Document) MSC Newsletter Mar 2007

(Word Document) MSC Newsletter Jan 2007

(Word Document) MSC Newsletter Dec 2006