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UHCW Travel Survey

As part of our efforts to improve the transport and parking situation at UHCW, the ISC, The Green Wing, the Medical School, the University of Warwick and UHCW have been in extensive discussions. We need your views on what you would like and on various solutions that have been proposed. Please take the time to fill out this survey to let us know what you think.

Section 1: to be completed by all WMS staff and students, and by UHCW staff

Section 2 - please only complete if you have indicated that you drive to UHCW
If you answered yes or sometimes to above question, please indicate why from list below – please tick all answers applicable:

Section 3 - to be completed by all groups
As part of their transport strategy, UHCW have asked us to consider alternatives to driving to UHCW.
Concerning buses:
Please indicate which of the following green transport options you would consider:
Section 3a: please only answer if you indicated that you would consider using an express bus service from Leamington to UHCW:
If you were to use an express bus service from Leamington Spa, please select which areas you would choose as pick-up/ drop-off area? Please select three areas in order of preference
What times would be best for you to arrive at UHCW? Please choose up to 3 choices - please feel free to just choose one if only one choice is applicable:
What times would be best for you to leave UHCW? Please choose up to 3 choices – please feel free to just choose one if only one choice is applicable:
Section 3b: please only answer if you already cycle or would consider cycling to UHCW
How satisfied are you with the current cycle facilites?
If you do not currently cycle, please indicate why not (you may choose more than one option)
Section 3c: lift-sharing
If you do not currently lift-share, what is the reason? Please select all that apply

Section 4 - to be completed by WMS staff and students only
Please answer the following questions independently of your preferences stated above (i.e. independently of whether you stated public transport, cycling or car-sharing as your preferred method of travel to UHCW).
One possible option to alleviate the problems with parking at UHCW is to use University minibuses to operate a 'shuttle service' from car park 2 to UHCW in the mornings and evenings. This may involve a small charge, envisaged to be much less than the cost of parking at UHCW, and there may be concessions available on the cost of car park permits for car park 2 for people utilising car-sharing to get to car park 2. It may also be possible to construct better cycle facilities adjacent to car park 2.
It is envisaged that the minibuses would be able to transport people to UHCW for an 8am start.
If you are interested in such a scheme, when would you most like to arrive? (please rank your top 3 times)
When would you be most likely to want to leave UHCW? Please rank your top three choices.

Thankyou for taking the time to complete this survey. Please leave any comments below:
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