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Student Welfare

This page is designed to be a student's guide to the welfare services available to you as a Medical Student at Warwick. There are links on your right to some other sources of information you may find useful.

Help is at hand both in and out of the Medical School and is different for people in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

If you're having problems in the lead up to exams you now need to contact the Academic Progress Group before you take the exam. To find out more about the APG take a look at this summary. You may also want information on the Fitness To Practice group.


PHASE 1 (click here)

PHASE 2 (click here)


Financial Difficulties (click here) 


Central Campus and Students Union (click here)



ISC / Welfare Representatives

Each year has an elected ISC Representative who is now able to act as a welfare representative. They are trained to offer you direction to appropriate sources of support and campaign on your behalf in times of need. See the members list to see who the ISC Representative in your year group is.


Outside the University

The Samaritans offer a telephone and email service which is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They also have branches offering drop-in services.


Many of the services will have a short waiting list. If you feel that you cannot see someone soon enough then it is important to contact your G.P. or the appropriate services.