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Financial Help

If you're having financial difficulties help is at hand. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to student finance but may give you some new ideas! There are a number of websites offering advice on money management and information on sources of funding.

For most medical students the most commonly used sources of funding are: NHS grants, Local education authority funding (student loan) and professional studies loans available from some highstreet banks.

The university also has additional funding for students suffering hardship who have already investigated other sources of funding. The main source of funding is the access to learning fund administered by central campus. When you are considering applying for this and other sources of funding from the university the best way is to approach either your personal tutor (phase 1), educational supervisor (phase 2) or the medical school staff who have up to date knowledge of the pathway to funding and are work closely with the finance department in the allocation of funds.


Websites and books

The Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS) offers guidance and advice on funding for those studying in post-16 education in the UK. As well as holding a large database of charities and trusts that assist students they also offer some support themselves.

Money 4 Med Students is a site run by the BMA and others and offers a wealth of advice for obtaining financial support and managing your money better.

The Educational Directory Grants Directory (Alan French and Tom Traynor) is a book published yearly which details a wide range of funds and other support available for students in need. It is held in the Central Campus library and offers over 1,100 sources of funding.

A fact sheet developed by the Medical School details some other sources of help.