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Phase 2 Student Welfare

In Phase 2 some people will retain their Phase 1 Personal Tutorsas a source of support while others will not depending on individual members of staff. In Phase 2 you are assigned to Educational Supervisors. Educational Supervisors provide educational and pastoral support and can act as links between University and Hospital life. Their roles are very similar to Personal Tutors in Phase 1 and many will want to meet up over the year to look at learning styles and personal learning plans. With your consent they may act as advocates and provide the opportunity to document problems for future referral.

In addition to Educational Supervisors we also have the Phase 2 Pastoral Care Co-ordinatorDeborah Markham. Ms Markham is the key provider of pastoral care for Phase 2 students. Students are encouraged to discuss personal problems, physical illness and mental illness confidentially. It is important that students feel able to seek help for these and other issues such as alcohol or drug misuse. Students are given the same right to confidentiality as any other patients.

If your educational supervisor is unable to help you or you do not feel comfortable talking to them, the Deputy Senior Tutor of the Medical School, Gill Grimshaw ( may be able to help. She has plenty of experience in providing welfare support and is separate from the assessment and disciplinary processes.

Module / Block leaders remain a useful source of information and someone to tell about problems with individual Blocks but it may also be necessary to inform the Medical School of problems in which case you may wish to contact Dr Colin Macdougall or Amy Allinsonand Hospital Undergraduate Co-ordinators who remain an excellent source of welfare support.

Also refer to the information on the previous page.