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About Us

warwick.jpgMarrow was started by a group of medical students at the University of Nottingham in 1998 following the death of one of their friends from leukaemia.

We work with The Anthony Nolan Trust and aim to give every student in the country the chance to join the bone marrow register. The Anthony Nolan Trust manages one of the largest registers of bone marrow in existence with over 350,000 people on its books. At any one time it searches for donors for 7000 patients worldwide.

CommitteeMarrow targets students as they make ideal donors because they are generally young, fit and healthy. Student populations also tend to be very ethnically diverse, which is important because tissue type is inherited, so patients who need transplants are most likely to find a match within their own ethnic community. There are far fewer volunteer donors on the register from ethnic minorities and therefore finding donors for non-caucasian patients is much harder. By targeting people of different ethnic origins, we hope to increase the proportion on the register to give all patients a good chance of finding a match. Marrow plays a crucial role helping The Anthony Nolan Trust recruiting 25% of the total number of new donors joining the register and raising £45,000 in 2004.

Warwick Marrow has just been set up - it is our goal to use initiative, drive, determination and energy to recruit students from Warwick University and the surrounding area onto the bone marow register.
We also want to use our unique talents for weird and wonderful fundraising ideas!

Marrow are a project at this Medical School that can consistently save lives with our activities... so please get involved by either donating your services, your time, your money or your stem cells!


Any questions? Feel free to Contact Us.



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