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The Student Stop AIDS Campaign is made up of students at universities and colleges across the country who believe that the world’s response to the HIV pandemic is insufficient and unacceptable.

Restless Development coordinates the Student Stop AIDS Campaign in partnership with the Stop AIDS Campaign. We also collaborate with UNICEF UK, AIDS Alliance, World Vision and Medsin to support student-led societies as part of the collective campaign to ensure that government, business and other stakeholders in the developed world live up to their promises of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

Through 32 active university societies, we campaign nationally to promote universal access to treatment through:

  • The establishment of an effective HIV drug patent pool
  • Innovative financing mechanisms such as the Robin Hood Tax and the Global Fund

Our annual meeting brings together representatives from societies across the UK, provides training on campaigning and lobbying, disseminates information on campaigns and issues, and involves youth advocates in central planning. Further activities during the year include lobbying MPs and decision makers, fundraising, organising campaigning events and participating in the annual Unite to Fight AIDS Speaker Tour.

A steering committee of representatives is elected to represent all regions of the UK and to support Restless Development in coordinating the campaign.

“Stop AIDS Campaign is possibly the most exciting campaign involving students in the UK today. It is crucial that young people are involved in campaigns such as this to educate them and make them aware of global issues in order to advocate for people who are less able to themselves.”

Nicola, Students Stop AIDS Campaign

For more information, contact Lotti on +44 207 808 1782 or email

Or, look at the campaign website or find us on facebook.