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Medsin National Conference 2007


Warwick Medical Students Attend Medsin National Conference in Dundee

Warwick Medical Students travelled to Dundee to attend the Medsin National Conference 2007, for an action and fun-packed weekend aimed at provoking thoughts and opinions in the field of global health. The theme of this year's National Conference was 'Population and Health', a topic which is certainly key in the global health issue. Population and Health is a theme which not only draws on recent discussions in the government and media regarding immigration policies, changing populations and climate change, but also highlights issues central to a number of Medsin’s campaigns and projects.

The conference was opened by Sir Alan Langlands, the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Dundee, and other speakers at the introduction included Susannah Mayhew, a senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Professor Allan Findlay, a Professor of Population Geography at the University of Dundee.

The conference was divided into three plenary sessions, which discussed:

  • Migration and urbanisation
  • Food and environment
  • Development and population

In between these plenaries, students attended various workshops, from Neglected Diseases, to Maternal Mortality and Health MDGs (Millenium Development Goals). These interactive workshops encourage education and training within the Medsin network, and include workshops run by Medsin campaigns and projects, and Medsin training workshops.

A great day of discussion on Saturday was finished off with a Ceildh, attended by both students and speakers, and enjoyed by all! This was a chance for the conference delegates to meet their fellow Medsiners from around the country and socialise.

Sunday was started with an early morning stroll to see the sunrise from Dundee’s focal piece: the Dundee Law.

Finally, at the close of the conference, Medsin members signed a giant banner reading 'Dont let our carbon footprint trample on health' with their footprints and participated in a group photo. This was one of Medsin’s conference actions, to raise awareness about climate change and carbon consumption.

For more information on the Medsin National Conference, and plenaries, see:

Michelle Saunders

Medsin Warwick President

Third year medical student

Warwick Medical School