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Medsin Projects

Medsin Warwick has a number of Projects currently running:


tbh Working in the community to make doctors seem less scary for children undergoing potential treatment!

Sexpression Logo This project involves trained students to deliver sexual advice and information to teenagers in an educational setting. Topics range from STD awareness to pregnancy and childcare.

 rllllls Spreading the vital skills of Basic Life Support throughout local schools and community workshops.


marrow warwick Affliated with the Anthony Nolan Trust (ANT), MARROW set out to fundraise and increase donor recruitment. Donor recruitment clinics involve: Counselling prospective donors, taking blood samples and successful donors are registered with the ANT



These projects all have a health and community theme. Our chosen students embark on either a placement in India where they aid in the education of Street children or the direct health care of leprosy sufferers.


Our Ghanaian project focuses on aid families suffering from the AIDS epidemic.


skip This branch of the SKIP charity involves the care and education of a number of children in the slums of the capital of Sri Lanka. The education and nutritional programmes set by the SKIP team will give these children a chance to go on to further education and aid in the development of their communities.