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Basic Life Support


anna doll

Basic Life Support aims to train medical students the basics of emergency first aid. Once a dedicated team of individuals are trained they teach their skills , with the use of Anna dolls and airways equipment to teenages in school and youth club settings. This project can be compared with the CRPiS programme.


The main topics covered involve:

  • Airway: the protection and maintenance of patient airway including the use of airway adjuncts such as an oral or nasal airway
  • Breathing: the actual flow of air through respiration, natural or artificial respiration, often assisted by emergency oxygen
  • Circulation: the movement of blood through the beating of the heart or the emergency measure of CPR

BLS may also include considerations of patient transport such as the protection of the cervical spine and avoiding additional injuries through splinting and immobilization.

BLS generally does not include the use of drugs or invasive skills, and can be contrasted with the provision of advanced cardiac life support (ACLS).

airways pic