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Revision Sessions

Neuroweek 16

Want to revise your preclinical neuroscience? Neuroweek 2016 will cover all the core and tricky topics of the pre-clinical neuroscience curriculum in detail over the course of 2 evenings.

Please sign up for the event here.

NOTE that there are a limited number of places this year, so register quick to ensure a place! We need to set up the system for the mock questions to work for everyone.

Make sure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Following its inaugural succes at Warwick, Neuroweek returns this year and will be FREE for all and cover the topics mentioned below.

Students will be taught via an informal lecture-based course using brain models and course material including exams questions. All participants will receive an electronic course guide with learning objectives after completeing the course.


Certificates and a prize will be given to the highest scoring participants.

Neuroweekend is an opportunity for to solidify most of the aspects of the block 3. It is an informal lecture-based course with plenty of interaction than conventional university lectures.

Ensuring that all course content is covered is not the only priority however, we aim to make sure that all participants are better informed about their course, the wonders of neuroscience and that they have a good time doing so.


WHEN: Monday 1st February & Thursday 4th February 2016. Prompt start at 18:00

WHERE: Social Sciences Building Main Campus, Room S.021, Interactive Campus Map


Topic Breakdown

Monday 1st February
Vertebral Column
Skull and Foramina + Imaging

Sound conduction and transduction KB
Vestibular system

Meninges + Ventricles
Anatomy of blood flow to the brain and consequences of disruption

Structure and function of the eye
Visual pathways

Thursday 4th February

Embryology + (Pharyngeal Arches)

Basal Ganglia


Spinal Cord (function + dysfunction + Touch, proprioception, motor)
Cranial Nerves

Introduction to consciousness
Limbic system