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Warwick MedMinds

MedMinds Picture

MedMinds is a voluntary society setup in 2015 by medical students Katie Joyce and Gareth Knott to raise awareness of good mental health, well-being and to reduce stigma surrounding mental health problems among school children

MedMinds is now run by Warwick Mind Aware, a society that aims to campaign for mental health issues, decrease the stigma of mental health illnesses and increase general emotional wellbeing amongst studentsre

MedMinds aims to provide mental health education to local secondary school students, through lessons delivered by students.

Essentially we teach you, to teach them, simples!

Up to 1 in 10 children between the ages of 5 and 16 years suffer from a mental health disorder, and it has been shown that early intervention improves outcomes. However, mental health remains something rarely addressed in the school curriculum. Lack of knowledge and stigma may prevent help-seeking in this population.


Join the Warwick MedMinds Facebook group for updates and details on how to become a volunteer.


Warwick MindAware website: