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Welcome to S.K.I.P. (Students for Kids International Projects).



S.K.I.P is a charity that organises and runs projects working with children in developing countries. It is run by students and aims to recruit other students of all healthcare professions to join the S.K.I.P team!
S.K.I.P warwick is a recently established branch of S.K.I.P national, and we have already got a project up and running in the city slums of Colombo, Sri Lanka. In the summer holidays a group of volunteers are sent out to help work on our project, which involves teaching the kids and running a feeding - programme, amoung other things. But its not all work, theres lots of time for exploring the countrry and culture too. We have teamed up with Coventry University, and together are working on developing this project so that hopefully one day it will become self-sustaining.
If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact us via the S.K.I.P email: . To see who is on the committee just click on the link in the left hand column.




For SKIP national website click here


For SKIP Warwick website click here