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Fund Raising

Latest fundraising events

Last weekend was busy for fundraising for SKIP Warwick, with events on friday night, saturday and sunday. Friday night was the joint MedSoc/SKIP Warwick St. Paddy's day three-legged pub crawl through the streets of Coventry (always going to be messy) and saturday and sunday a street collection. The pubcrawl started in the City Arms, then to Embargo, the Orange House, and finishing at the fashionable Jumpin Jaks. As pub crawls go, the list is not very impressive but we have to make do in Coventry, and you can't get very far, very fast with one leg attached to someone elses! Despite this, everyone had fun and managed to get suitably drunk, and some people even managed to stay attached right up to the club!

This did mean Saturday was harder work to get up for (!), but nonetheless the collection did very well on both days. The SKIP Warwick fundraisers got kitted out in scrubs and promoted the project in Sri Lanka to the people of Coventry. Total amount from the weekend will be updated as soon as we have a final number.

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