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Sri Lanka Project

Sri- Lanka:
 SKIP Warwick’s project in Columbo, Sri Lanka has been launched! It involved several schemes to help children living in inner city slums. 12 volunteers attended a training weekend in Coventry run by SKIP committee members. The volunteers then spent 2-6 weeks in Sri-Lanka and found the experience hugely rewarding.
The main aim of the project was to teach and improve confidence in English speaking. The volunteers converted a derelict house into a working classroom, waterproofing the roof, boarding and painting the walls and buying mats for the floor. Volunteers taught 3 classes a day for children aged 3-7, 8-12 and 13-16. The team also built a library of English books for the children and introduced a library loan system.
The volunteers also ran a feeding program which provided 68 children a basic breakfast for 6 days a week. They bought utensils and employed two local women to cook and distribute the food.

The team also coordinated garbage disposal for the area and set up a recycling facility for glasses and plastic bottles. They also ran health workshops for families in the area to raise awareness of dengue fever and malaria.

The project was a huge success and cost an estimated £5000. Money is still being sent to continue to run the feeding programme over the next year. This is predicted to cost £3000 per year. For this reason SKIP is dedicated to continue raising money to support this hugely worthwhile venture.


 You can also find a lot of information on SKIP‘s website . Just select the Warwick Branch for up to date details of our latests ventures. You can also join in discussions on our forum.