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volunteer recruitment

Recruiting for Sri Lanka

This summer SKIP is running an interdisciplinary expedition to Sri Lanka. The trip will include both medical students from the University of Warwick and student nurses from the University of Coventry. Students volunteering with SKIP will be working for the population of a slum in the Sri Lankan capital city Colombo. Volunteers will be involved in the following projects:

Teaching English and health related subjects such as contraception, nutrition, water safety and hygiene. Helping improve sanitation within the slum, increasing the general awareness of the dangers which surround the children in day to day life. Having fun with the children with regards to playing sports like cricket and football, dance and arts.Help with life skills such CV writing and improving job prospects
Helping the community to help themselves and challenging discrimination and poverty amongst the people living in the slum.

More info and the application pack can be found on the downloads section of the national website, on the Warwick menu.

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Volunteer Information(Word Document)


Application Form(Word Document)


Shortened committee form(Word Document)