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SLIME Presentations

Poster: Preparing for practice: Using Situational Judgement to influence the development of Non-Technical Skills (NTS) within medical curriculum. By Frances Varian and Lara Cartwright

UKFPO: careers advice for trainees September 2012

Oral Presentation: Can teaching situational judgement tests overcome barriers to interprofessional communication? Evaluating situational judgement tests as an interprofessional educational tool for medical students. (Powerpoint Presentation)

By Frances Varian, James Coe, Anne-Marie Feeley

ASME: "developing communication for clinical practice" 26th October

Title: Developing the clinical teacher: an eight week peer teaching programme delivering teaching experience and effective feedback for foundation programme doctors.

By: Frances Varian, Ralph Mitchell, Samantha Chambers, Mike McFarlane, Tom Windsor-Lewis

TASME: "Exploring teaching opportunities for Trainees" March 16th 2013


(PDF Document)poster_careers_sept2012.pdf


S.L.I.M.E also facilitated achieving the following presentations at the ASME conference "developing communication for clinical practice"

1. Oral Presentation: Enhancing student communication: the value of integrating peer support into the medical curriculum

Presented by: Isabel Carbery

Co-authors: Michael Hale, Anne-Marie Feeley, Frances Varian

2. Poster Presentation:How should we be training tomorrow’s clinical educators? Finding the balance between teaching theory and practical experience for peer-led teaching.

Presented by: Michael Hale

Co-authors: Isabel Carbery, Frances Varian, Anne-Marie Feeley, Simon Tso

Workshop: Improving your situational judgement.

Author of The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance and an FY1 doctor ranked top decile in the SJT pilot present ways to improve your situational judgement in advance of the Situational Judgement Test (SJT). This workshop demonstrates how real-life situational judgement scenarios are developed for the SJT as well as tips for preparing for, and helpful ways to approach the questions. Participants also have the opportunity to test their own situational judgement and should leave the workshop feeling more confident about handling the SJT.

By Frances Varian and James Coe

Warwick Undergraduate National Medical Research Conference (WUNMRC) - Postponed