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Get Involved

In October 2012, a 7 week teaching revision programme was set up by Frances Varian, Sam Chambers and Ralph Mitchell for FY1 and FY2 doctors to teach finals topics to final years. This was repeated in October 2013 with huge success.

Three different sessions lasting 30 minutes (x 2 - so six in total) ran at Warwick Hospital on Monday nights from 7.30pm until 9pm through blocks 9 & 10, repeated after Christmas in blocks 10 & 11.

We are looking for 2 students to take over the role of organising these sessions.

As everything is already set-up, the time required to run this is minimal and the biggest commitment requires attendance at the teaching each week - which you can divide 2 weekly as a pair if you wish. All the course material has been produced already, and Sam and Ralph will be on hand to help you with anything.

Running this last year was really rewarding and helpful for revision.You are able to attend all the teaching sessions - twice - if you like!

Also if you are considering applying for an academic foundation programme then this a great opportunity to broaden your experiences for answering white space questions and impress at interview. Looking to the future, this programme will also aid completion of "developing the clinical teacher" aspect of your foundation eportfolio as an FY1/FY2 if you are staying in the area.

Your responsibilities will be to:

  • Run a teaching workshop for the foundation doctors interested in teaching. This comprises 2 x 30 minute teaching skills presentations and a 30 minute sign-up session which details the structure of the revision programme and opportunity to sign-up to teach. All the material has been prepared for this for you. You should aim to run it one evening in September/October and is something you can write about in the white space questions if you are thinking of applying to academic foundation programme.
  • Confirm the room bookings at Warwick with Jo Williams
  • Organise the student sign-up for the programme - you will be given the website details which does this all for you.
  • Email the teachers each week to confirm their attendance - many of them will be Warwick students who attended the teaching last year or junior doctors who taught last year, so they should be familiar with the format.
  • Get the feedback forms printed to give to the teachers each week - they will collate the results for you and email you them in return for a certificate.
  • On a weekly basis, one of you needs to be present at the teaching sessions (as said previously, you can sit in and attend them) and then email certificates to the teachers once they email you their feedback from the session & presentation. These have been produced, its a simple admin task of putting a name and date on and takes a maximum of 10 minutes each week. This is a pre-requisite for the FY1/2's giving their time to teach so they can have proof of teaching for their eportfolios.
  • Load up the handouts/presentations onto the SLIME website for students to access.

Please register your interest with a maximum 500 word summary about yourself and why you would like this opportunity to Mary and Ojone at by Sunday the 22nd June. We will be making a decision on the two best people on the basis of this summary and let you know by the end of the month. There will be a formal handover meeting in July.

Please feel free to email Mary or Ojone above if you have any more questions.

Good Luck!