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SLIME Projects

I.T. Project

Leads: Carl-Fredrik Hartelius, Nichola Caiger

Supervisors: Hannah Poulton, Dr Anne-Marie Feeley

Title: Developing the clinical teacher: an eight week peer teaching programme delivering teaching experience and effective feedback for foundation programme doctors.

By: Frances Varian, Ralph Mitchell, Samantha Chambers, Mike McFarlane, Tom Windsor-Lewis

Status: Abstract Presented at TASME conference March 16th

Title: Overcoming barriers to interprofessional communication for medical students: can situational judgement tests help?

Project Lead: Frances Varian

Researchers: James Coe

Project Supervisor: Dr Anne-Marie Feeley

Status: project completed, working paper in progress

Title: How should we be training tomorrow’s clinical educators? Finding the balance between teaching theory and practical experience for peer-led teaching.

Project Lead: Frances Varian

Researchers: Michael Hale, Isabel Carbery, Joshua Harding, Nichola Caiger

Clinical supervisors:Dr. Anne-Marie Feeley. Dr. Simon Tso

Project type: quantitiative and qualitative study - questionnaires and focus groups

Status: Ethical approval granted

Title: Graduate Entry Medicine: Challenges in transition through medical school

Project Lead: Dr Simon Tso

Researchers: Asim Yousef, Nina Owen, Mike Smith

Clinical Supervisor: Dr Jane Kidd

Funding: IATL, JASME (pending)

Project type: Qualitative, interview based

Status: Ethical approval achieved, phase I of interviews and coding going

Title: Medical students with disabilities: barriers to success and patient perspectives

Project Lead: Asim Yousef

Researchers: Nina Owen

Clinical Supervisors: Dr Simon Tso

Funding: Applications ongoing

Project type: Qualitative, interview and questionniare-based

Status: Ethical approval sought, abstract proposal and initial literatire review being undertaken