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SLIME Publications

Varian, F. Cartwright, L. (2012) The Situational Judgement Test At A Glance. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Available as E-book from 15th October and paperback from 7th November from: Wiley Blackwell

Short Answer Questions for Preclinical Phase Final Examinations

By Dr S. Steele (Author), Dr S. O'Connor (Author), Dr J. J. Harding (Author)
Academic Medical Press
January 27, 2014
Available on and Amazon (

This book is designed to aid preclinical medical students in exam preparation by providing three complete mock short answer question examinations that cover material from all of the disciplines represented in typical undergraduate medical courses. For medical students approaching these important exams this guide provides realistic and high quality exam questions on which to sharpen their skills. The questions have been created by experienced medical educators to reflect the popular cross-modular style. The answers include marking schemes and explanations. The book has been organized to mimic the exam experience as closely as possible, even to the extent of suggesting timings for each section and using paper sizes and answer spacings familiar to most medical students. This book is ideal for a candidate who is close to taking the relevant exam and wishes to prepare for the likely exam experience.