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Who We Are

SLIME are currently looking for new committee members for the 2015 year. The positions available are:

  • Chair

  • Vice chair

  • Research-Lead

  • Treasurer

  • Communications officer

You can find explanations of what may be expected of each of these roles below.

Vice chair

The work load of running the society will be shared across the chair and the vice-chair positions. A vice chair will be expected to help in any and all tasks relating to the society. Due to the nature of the society and the variety of projects running within it, it is likely that various areas and projects may be allocated to you to oversee.

Key responsibilities:

1. Be fully informed about the current and future projects within SLIME and be available to feed this back.

2. Support the SLIME team and members of the soceity when required.

3. Be innovative and enthusiastic about shaping the society and moving it forward.


We helped a number of students with research projects last year. This year we are hoping to expand upon this and ensure that any students who wish to persue research are able to do so. The aim of the research at SLIME will be to, at minimum obtain a poster presentation for the students involved and hopefully a PUBMED indexed paper. All research projects are student driven, but SLIME will provide the support the students require to reach their goals. This starts with constructing a feasible project and allocating a project supervisor. The research-lead does not necessarily have to have any previous experience in publishing research, but it would be helpful, as helping with applications for ethical approval etc are likely. The student who takes on this position will need to be pro-active, a good communicator and efficient at time managament.

Key responsibilities

1. Listen impartially to students proposed projects and help to take the project forward by providing SLIME support.

2. Check in at sensible times to see how the project is going and whether there are any problems that need resolving.


Knowing the finances of the soceity is essential. We need somebody who will be able to keep track of all the money in and out of the society as well as to help build connections with other organisations and sponsors.

Key responsibilities

1. Be in charge of the finances of the society and keep logs of all monies

2. Organise affiliations to national bodies and sponsors

3. Apply for grants and funcing from various sources

4. Keep the committee members informed about the financial situation of the society

Communications officer

Good communication is key and one student will be required to organise meetings and publicise society events.

Key responsibilities

1. Organise any meetings that may be required within the SLIME committee.

2. Organise any meetings that may be required between SLIME committee members and members.

3. Publicise the society and its events when required through all forms of media.


Your application should include

Subject: Name of the title you would like to apply for.

Body: Your name & year of study.

There is no need to add justification for your positions but if we recieve more applications than there are positions I will contact you asking for a short 150-200 words explaining why you would like the positions. So it may be worth just putting a short explanation in with the first email, your choice!

We appreciate all of your applications.

If you have any problems with the link above please email:


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Communications officer

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