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Beacon Internships


The overall aim of the Athena SWAN sponsored Warwick SMT Beacon Internships is to create opportunities to upskill ‘under-represented’ communities in clinical research, through mentored internships in healthcare technologies and healthcare innovation. We have 5 projects available, ranging from MSK health through to medical education. The four Beacon Internships are:

  1. Ethnic Minority - for all ethnic minority communities
  2. Pride - LGBTQAI+ community
  3. Gender - for all under-represented genders, such as female-identifying, non-binary and transgender
  4. Neurodivergent - for all neurodiverse communities

These Beacon Internships will allow for flexible working, allowing better access to those who have caring responsibilities or different internship access requirements. These Beacon Internships may be delivered throughout academic term-times and throughout academic holidays, in order to provide the opportunities to engage at the most appropriate time for the research project and interns. There will only be one intern on each internship throughout the academic year. More information about the Beacon Internships, including the expectations of the intern, supervision and mentoring available throughout can be found in this document.

Projects list is now available!

To view the projects available for the 2021/2022 academic year, please view this link.


Please apply using this Qualtrics link. If you would rather apply by email, you can view the questions here and submit your email to WMSBeaconInternships at warwick dot ac dot uk by the deadline above.


We are always looking for mentors for the Warwick SMT & Athena Swan Beacon Internships. As mentors, we hope you will provide insight and support for our interns throughout their internship. Requirements for your time commitment may vary - it may be sporadic and involve an email exchange, coffee meeting or however else you feel comfortable. We will be providing training to all mentors volunteering to support our Beacon Interns.

If you would like to know more, we have created this introduction document for mentors.

If you would like to join, please use this link to register.

If you would be able to share this invitation to colleagues who may also be able to support us, we would be incredibly grateful. For more information, please contact us through email: WMSBeaconInternships at warwick dot ac dot uk

If you would like to contact the Beacon Internships co-ordinators, please email:

WMSBeaconInternships at warwick dot ac dot uk

For all other internships, please go to our internship page .