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Apply to be a supervisor


We take great pleasure in being able to invite you to become supervisors for our prestigious Beacon Internship programme.
The Beacon Internship program is in its second year following the successful delivery of four internships last year. These internships were developed by Charlotte Simms and Thomas Dale MacLaine – a collaboration between the Warwick Athena Swan and Warwick Surgical Medtech groups. The aim of these paid internships is to provide clinical academic opportunities for students across five key under-represented groups:
  • Ethnic Minority - for all ethnic minority communities

  • Pride - LGBTQAI+ community
  • Gender - for all under-represented genders, such as female-identifying, non-binary and transgender
  • Neurodivergent - for all neurodiverse communities
  • Widening Participation - for those from lower income backgrounds

As supervisors, we hope you will provide a research project and ongoing academic support for our medical students in the Beacon Internship roles. This would ideally have clinical correlations, be possible to do part-time (approximately 6hrs/week) over the year and allow for flexibility. This will also provide you with a regular intern that can support your longer research plans.
If you would like to know more, we have created this introduction document for supervisors.
If you would like to apply for an intern for your project, please use this link to register.
The deadline is 28th Aug 2022.
If you would be able to share this invitation to colleagues who may also be able to support us, we would be incredibly grateful. For more information, please contact us through email: