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Innovation Programme

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We are currently preparing for the next Innovation Programme. Please follow our Twitter account/ Facebook profile for updates.

Our innovation programmes include sessions on:

  • Defining clinical needs.
  • Critical design thinking.
  • Interdisciplinary team working.
  • Business modelling and financing.
  • Delivering a pitch to commercial/ clinical stakeholders.

At our innovation events, you will work with others from different disciplines to refine existing products or develop your own products into a fully-formed idea, ready for commercial or NHS testing.

We will be hosting the following opportunities for you:

  • Innovation taster evenings - we learn the medicine and engineering behind a product, and create ideas on how to improve it.
  • Innovation programmes - we explore the clinical problem in depth to come up with a robust idea on how to solve the problem, and pitch the idea to clinicians and businesses.
  • Hackathon events - we consider current issues in healthcare that could be remedied through technology and coding, teaching you these skills along the way, and leaving the event with a firm sense of accomplishment.

For more information about these events, please email 


We are working with the UHCW Innovation Hub and Warwick Innovation Centre to provide University of Warwick students skills to create their own solutions to everyday clinical problems.